Winter Sunscreen: From the Beach to the Slopes

Winter Sunscreen: From the Beach to the Slopes

We all understand the potential for skin damage and skin cancer from too much sun at the beach. Reflection from bright surfaces, such as white sand and blue water make the beach a particularly predictable spot for sunburn. But were you aware that it is nearly as important to stay covered in the snow?

On a blue-sky day in the ski fields, there can be as much as 90% reflection from the snow. This translates to twice the UV radiation on your skin!

Sunscreen and skiing/snowboarding should go hand in hand, just like going to the beach. UVB rays may be a little less prevalent in winter, but you will still be exposed to enough harmful UVB rays to get sunburn. UVA rays are a year-round threat and care little about temperature and cloud cover. These rays cause skin aging and potentially skin cancers but tend not to burn you, so you may be blissfully unaware.

Reapplying is also just as important in the winter, with precipitation and strong winds reducing sunscreens effectiveness.

A good SPF 50 sunscreen and SPF 50+ lip balm reapplied at least every 2 hours, and after every face plant, are snowfield essentials. Carry a small tube of each with you on the slopes to keep your skin protected.

Pictured above, We Are Feel Good Inc. Team Ambassador and Australian Skier, Maddie Jones, on the slopes with our Sensitive Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+.

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