5 Items You Need This Summer

5 Items You Need This Summer

As the days get longer and the weather warms up, we have to work a little harder to keep our skin looking summery-fresh. Along with the glorious sunshine and warmth comes various challenges for our skin, so here are five items you need to get you through this summer. 

Your body is a temple… protect it!

Before heading outside (20 minutes before sun exposure),  it’s important to apply your favourite broad spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen to ensure you are protected from both UVA and UVB rays. 

Try our new Kakadu Plum Sunscreen SPF 50+! Similar to our other sunscreens, our Kakadu Plum SPF 50+ provides up to 4 hours water resistance, is TGA approved and is free from parabens, PABAs, oxybenzone and octinoxate. 

This #SPFwithBenefits contains added antioxidants from the native Australian Kakadu Plum, which can increase the effectiveness of sun protection by mopping up free radicals caused by sun exposure. Best of all, it is NOW AVAILABLE in our 400mL pump bottle!  

Too much fun in the sun? We’ve got something for that too.

We’re all guilty of spending a bit too much time in the sun. Can't help it, we love the outdoors! As much as we protect ourselves from the harsh rays of the sun, sometimes it can be just a little too much for our skin. We can often emerge from a day out in the sun feeling hot & bothered, dehydrated and feeling like we just can’t cool down. This is where our After Sun Cooling Lotion comes into play! 

Light and non-greasy, After Sun Cooling Lotion absorbs quickly while replenishing lost moisture after sun exposure. It's enriched with natural emollients from Coconut Oil and antioxidants from Aloe Vera to help repair sun damage and reduce skin irritation. Best of all, its light cucumber and minty scent will leave you feeling extra refreshed!

Hydrate the outside…

The warmer weather can be quite dehydrating for your skin so it’s important not only to hydrate on the inside, but also on the outside. An emollient-rich moisturiser will keep your skin looking and feeling, fresh and nourished. Our range of body milks are made with vitamin-rich and hydrating ingredients, so whichever you choose, your skin will thank you. Have sensitive skin? Try our Sensitive Body Milk, dermatologically tested, fragrance free and suitable for sensitive skin. 

...and the inside!

Warmer days means we need to increase our water intake, especially with so many activities under the sun. The best way to stay hydrated (and to minimise waste!) is to carry around your own water bottle. Our favourite? The We Are Feel Good Inc. x Hydroflask™️ 21oz. bottle of course! Available in our new Adventure Bundle, our Hydroflask stashes easily into a small shoulder bag, your pack’s side pocket, or your car cup holder. It's even insulated to keep your water icey-cold for up to 24 hours!

Tame the locks!

After a day of swimming, the locks can get a little wild! Tame them with our We Are Feel Good Inc. x Precious Plastic Recycled Comb. Made from recycled We Are Feel Good Inc. bottles, tubes and lids, this comb is small enough to pack in your beach bag, or leave it hanging in the shower to brush through your conditioner. 

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