Back to School Sun Safety

Back to School Sun Safety

With Australia having one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, educating children from a young age about protecting their skin from the dangerous effects of the sun is crucial. Using sun protection during childhood can drastically reduce the risk of developing skin cancer later on in life. 

Sun exposure can add up during a typical school day with physical education, recess, lunch and after-school activities predominantly held outdoors. As well as applying an SPF 50 in the morning before school, educate your kids about reapplying before going outside. Remind them not to miss the areas people most often forget; lips, ears, eyes, hands, back of the neck, top of feet and the scalp. 

As important as it is to wear sunscreen, this is only one part of protecting your kids from the sun. Where possible, dress your kids in protective clothing and encourage them to wear a wide-brimmed hat. 

Parents play an important role in not only educating kids in sun safety, but also by being a sun smart advocate. Lead by example and show them that you take protecting yourself from the harsh rays of the sun seriously.

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