Our Bottle Recycling Program is Turning One

Happy 1st Birthday to our Bottle Recycling Program !

In case this is the first time you're reading about our program, in Australia sunscreen is classified as a therapeutic good, meaning it needs to be packaged in either glass, aluminium or food-grade virgin plastic. To date we haven’t found a suitable alternative to our plastic packaging, however we have found a way to recycle our used packaging & help close the loop on a circular economy.

We have teamed up with Precious Plastic Margaret River and PP Melbourne to help us recycle our empty sunscreen bottles, tubes & lids and turn them into new reusable plastic items, like this comb! 


Our Bottle Recycling Program first began as a way to simply encourage proper recycling practices amongst our customers. As some of you may know, the world of recycling can be quite complex as it typically differs from council to council, let alone state to state, country to country etc. The program is not-for-profit and we are actually purchasing these combs back from our Precious Plastic partners at retail price in support of everything they do.

If you would like one of these lovely combs, they are included with all purchases of our Pamper Pack, or are available on the Precious Plastic website.

Among our 1000+ stockists across Australia, we’ve registered roughly 10% to become a Bottle Recycling Collection Point and have produced x55 combs with Precious Plastic Margaret River from our collected sunscreen products. We’re excited to welcome 15 new collection points last month, where you can return your used (& rinsed) We Are Feel Good Inc. plastic bottles, lids and tubes. In each state we have:

  • WA = x40
  • NSW = x38
  • QLD = x9
  • VIC = x5
  • SA = x4
  • TAS = x3

We are constantly looking for new collection points to sign up, so if you're a We Are Feel Good Inc. retailer and you'd like to help us close the loop on a circular economy, please contact our sales team.

To find a collection point near you, search your postcode in our Stockist Map. If there is not a collection point near you, email your postcode to us at info@wearefeelgoodinc.com.au and we'll chat to your nearest stockist.

During the recent WSL Rottnest Pro, our combs were tested and loved by female surfing professionals Stephanie Gilmore, Sage Erickson and Laura Enever.

We’d like to give special thanks to all of our retailers who are supporting our program. If you are a retailer and would like to sign up as a collection point, have a chat to your sales rep or email us.

Changing a person’s habits is one of the hardest things to do as a brand. Our initial goal was to start small by encouraging our customers to return their used sunscreen bottles and hopefully inspire a chain reaction towards proper recycling practices. You've all done well so far, so now our goal for this 2022 financial year is to double the amount of collection points we have across Australia to offer you recyclers more opportunity to return your bottles, tubes and lids. So join the ride and help us close the loop on a circular economy!

Every little action a person does to protect the earth accumulates as a community, so let’s do our bit together!