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Collection: Face the Day Skin Care

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How does Good Morning SPF 50 differ from your Sensitive Sunscreen SPF 50+?

Good Morning SPF 50 is a lighter formula designed for daily wear, specifically for use on the face. It includes skin-loving ingredients for protection, repair and moisturisation, such as Hyaluronic Acid (for plumping and hydration), Tomato Extract (to replace Carotenoids), Jojoba (antioxidants), Squalane (plant derived; to prevent moisture loss) and Carnosine (preventing and repairing fine lines). This product also contains a light tea rose scent.

Keep in mind that even when driving your car for 15 minutes, your hands, face and neck will be exposed. It is accumulated damage we are trying to avoid, so it’s important to wear sunscreen every day of the year.

How should I layer my Good Morning SPF 50 with other skincare products & makeup?

In truth there haven't been any scientific studies that prove how to layer for best results, so you can layer how you see fit for your skin. It’s all about getting an even spread on the skin, so theoretically if you’re putting on a light moisturiser, you should be fine to use this before applying sunscreen. However, we do suggest using your SPF before applying makeup to allow this to spread onto the skin evenly for proper absorption/efficacy.

How will Good Night Skin Restoring Cream benefit my skin?

Good Night Skin Restoring Cream is designed with multiple clinically proven ‘active’ ingredients to help repair your skin. Our anti-aging formula is designed to help balance and brighten skin tone, reduce the appearance of pigmentation and fight the visible signs of aging. It’s packed full of skin-loving ingredients like 7% Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Kakadu Plum Extract, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5 and Carnosine.

Can I layer Good Night Skin Restoring Cream with my SPF in the mornings as well?

Yes, Good Night Skin Restoring Cream is perfectly fine to use any time of day. Just don’t forget your SPF!