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Collection: Body Sunscreen

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Can I use your body sunscreen on my face too?

Yes, you can use body sunscreen on your face. Our body sunscreen formulas are designed to be used on the whole body, including your face. They are all enriched with moisturising hero ingredients and will give you ultimate safeguard, while leaving you feeling smooth. If you need something more specific to everyday face application, check out our Good Morning SPF50 Sunscreen Lotion. With added Hyaluronic Acid to leave your feeling plump and hydrated without that greasy feeling. Our face sunscreens, like body sunscreens, provide both UVB UVA defense.

Is face sunscreen different from body sunscreen?

Technically, sunscreens are usually the same when speaking in terms of chemical or mineral UV filters.

Both face and body sunscreens should protect from UVA and UVB sunlight (broad spectrum) as long as their formulas are designed to do so (using either chemical filters or mineral filters). On the other hand, face specific sunscreen falls into more of the ‘skincare’ category and, in most cases, won't be as high-performance as body sunscreen. What do we mean by this? Let’s use our sunscreen as an example:

All of our body sunscreens are high-performance, meaning they are 4 hours resistant to water and sweat resistant, while providing the highest possible SPF 50+ broad spectrum shield. The natural beeswax in each of the formulas make this water resistance possible. Our Sticky Zinc is a face sunscreen that prioritizes high-performance, being both broad spectrum, SPF 50+ and can last up to 4 hours in the water. However, when it comes to our Good Morning SPF 50, as this is purely a face ‘skincare’ product it is not water-resistant. We based the formulation on daily hydration (added Squalane, and Tomato Extract) and defense with the idea of being comfortable to wear all-day everyday.

Can I mix body lotion with sunscreen?

You certainly can mix lotion with sunscreen! However, it is advised that you apply your body lotion before your sunscreen lotion. This is to make sure that you can give yourself the best chance of an even coverage with SPF. Make sure that your moisturiser is rubbed in thoroughly before you apply sunscreen to be sure you are completely protected.

All of our products have added emollients to ensure you’re hydrated and protecting your skin all the same. This means that when it comes to our products wearing sunscreen will protect and leave moisturised. You can even skip the body lotion as our formulas double as a moisturiser and sunscreen.

How should I reapply SPF throughout the day?

You should apply SPF according to the product's direction. Generally, sunscreens should always be reapplied after swimming or any activity that causes sweating. For a day at the office, generally we recommend reapplying at lunch time if entering the sun, unless you have sunscreen under your makeup and the make up is still in place. Remember to reapply to the backs of your hands more regularly.

What can I look out for if I have sensitive or delicate skin?

We know that if you have sensitive skin, it can be difficult and often at times painful. That is why it’s important to look out for certain ingredients that may cause adverse side effects and reactions. Look for products that are non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) and fragrance free. Oils and other ingredients such as Vitamin E have been known to be not suitable for sensitivity.

Look out for products that are board certified dermatologist tested. All of our sensitive products have been dermatologically tested and are clinically proven. Check out our chemical sunscreens like, Sensitive Sunscreen. It is SPF 50+ and broad spectrum, providing broad spectrum defense.