Collection: Body Milk & Moisturisers

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Collection: Body Milk & Moisturisers

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Are your Body Milks & Moisturisers vegan?

Are your moisturisers suitable for the whole family?

Absolutely! Our products are suitable for all skin types. This includes your partners, your husband and the children! We suggest the use of our Sensitive Body Milk for babies and those with delicate skin. Always remember to patch test when trying products for the first time.

Is body milk a moisturiser?

Yes, body milk is moisturiser. We named our products body milks because they are specially designed to be used for your body. Our luxe products will keep your skin refreshed, giving it a 'milky' feeling. Our body milks can be used on your face under makeup and will leave your skin feeling smooth.

Our body milks are intedned for use on the whole body, meaning that they can be used on your face too, even under makeup. Checkout our face sunscreen for your daily SPF needs to protect and restore. Our Good Morning SPF 50 will hydrate and provide broad spectrum defense from the sun. It is designed with makeup inmind and hence is suitable for use under makeup.

When should I apply body milk?

Applying body milk should be part of your everyday routine. Your skin is your biggest organ, so, moisturing your body and your face in the morning and evening will aid your skin in keeping healthy and will reduce fine lines and signs of aging.

Do your body milks have preservatives?

Yes, like most of our products, in order to remain efficacious, do contain preservatives such as Sodium Benzoate. However, we do like to keep our products' preservatives to a minimum and our body milks do not contain any parabens, PABAs or phenoxyethanol.

Are your body milks made with natural ingredients/extracts?

Yes, our body milks are developed with natural ingredients and have added hydrating ingredients such as Macadamia Oil, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Vitamin E. These ingredients help to restore moisture and restore skin to its healthy self

For instance, Coconut Oil found in our Coco Milk has been found to help improve the skin's natural barrier function and reduce inflammation from UVB rays. We develop our recipes using natural extracts for our scents in every body milk, while our Senstive Body Milk is fragrance free

Can I use body milks if I have sensitive skin?

Yes, our body milks are suitable for all skin types including normal or combination skin, however when introducing a product initially we do recommend patch testing on a small area first (upper inner arm) to mitigate irritated skin.

Our Sensitive Body Milk is made for fragile skin. With over 2 years in the making, it has been well created to ensure itn is loaded with vitamin-rich ingredients, while remaining gentle for those with delicate skin. It is dermatologically tested and clincally proven. We advise you to seek professional medical advice if you still react to our sensitive products.