What's With The We Are Feel Good Inc. Bird Logo?

What's With The We Are Feel Good Inc. Bird Logo?

Seems a little random, a bird for a sunscreen logo. And what kind of bird is it anyway?

From the onset, we wanted to be different and to stand out from the crowd. Strong branding and an eye catching colour story was part of that, but we knew we wanted our brand logo to be unique and symbolic at the same time. We wanted something outside the box. One option after another was presented and nothing worked for the team. And then, in a stroke of creative genius (we think) our designer presented something that made us sit up. That's where the bird came in.

The Australian King Parrot; colourful, unique, vibrant and native to Australia. Their flight is swift & strong, and the males are the only Australian parrot with a completely red head, so they are pretty cool and different to any regular old parrot! They also have a pretty loud screech that like's to be heard.

So you can see the symbolism right there, right? We wanted to build We Are Feel Good Inc. as an Australian made & owned brand that was different to the other regular old parrots (oh, ok, sunscreens). We wanted a brand with unique products, one with a burst of colour that represented the landscape from which we come, and one that enticed the market to want to wear sunscreen (with a loud screech from the brand and everyone that tried it).

Of course, parrots in general are loved in Australia for their playful and cheeky personalities and social nature.

And so, the bird, it works for us!


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