An Interview with Riley's Travels - A Family On The Road

An Interview with Riley's Travels - A Family On The Road

Kirianna Poole and her travelling family spend their life on the road, chasing sunshine & adventures, in their gorgeous 1962 Volkswagen Kombi.

"We are serious sun chasers, our son Riley dislikes clothes, we love letting him roam the great outdoors”!

We just love this inspiring family’s lifestyle, so we thought we’d pick their brains about ‘life on the road’ and ‘their hot tips for travelling with young kids’...

Rileys Travels

1. So what is your story? How did the travelling start?

Wanderlust is ingrained in our souls, as ex-pats living in Japan we had the opportunity to travel frequently, we lived in a one-bedroom Japanese apartment and learnt to live with little.

When Riley entered our lives, our love for exploring grew even more. He was and still is the easiest little travel mate and loves a good adventure. In fact I am writing this as we head off on a spontaneous trip from Byron Bay to Thailand, only booking it on the drive to the airport, he is next to me fast asleep after happily eating his lunch.

After we had ticked off some of our overseas destinations we decided he was the right age to take around Australia. The dream was to do it in a kombi, a family friend was selling his “once wedding kombi” so we quickly jumped at the purchase. We were use to minimal living after Tokyo and felt confident with the space. We, however, needed to refit the interior for living — adding a kitchenette, solar panels and extra batteries.

2. What are your top 5 favourite spots (that’s you’ve visited during your travels)?

Our favourite destinations are often pegged with beautiful memories, I adored WA and the Kimberley's I felt love for the locals, the scenery is mind-blowing.

1. Esperance WA - Kangaroos on a beach cannot get any more Australian!

2. Bay of Fires TAS - Magical quiet sunrises shimmering on red rocks.

Image via Pinterest

3. Shark Bay WA - This one is all about the heart, we found the most beautiful camping spot and watched the sunrise and sun fall into the ocean.

4. Monkey Mia - This white area of coral bay is pretty special, clear turquoise water, white sand and friendly wild dolphins.

5. Broome - Honestly the contrast of colour here is mind-blowing.

Image via Salty Wings

3. What are your top 5 bucket list spots?

These are places I have yet to see...

  1. Africa
  2. Jamaica
  3. Uluru
  4. Machu Picchu
  5. Bora Bora

4. We’re sure travelling with young kids can be hard at times, what are the biggest challenges you’ve faced?

While we love minimal space it was hard when the weather turned on us, I would say this rarely happened but if and when it did Riley, then two years old, wanted to run and play. So if the bad weather had set in we would find a caravan park with child-friendly facilities to wait out the storm.

We taught Riley about fire safety, water and animals very early on, however, these were stressful times until he learnt the dangers.

In all honesty, I’m racking my brain to answer this as we didn’t find many challenges around little travellers, they honestly just adapt.

5. What tips do you have for families who are looking to hit the road?

If you have the desire to do it then please do yourself a favour and do it!

There is no time like now, you can do small trips hiring camper vans or camping in tents. It is doable, you become closer as a family, work out routes together, overcome challenges and children thrive off the adventure.

6. And finally, favourite We Are Feel Good Inc. sunscreen flavour?

Coconut alllll the way :)

Coconut SPF 50+

Anything else you would like to add?

"Thanks for creating a wicked screen for beach-loving families, we spend loads of time in the sun and its great knowing we are protected! Can’t wait to hit the road again with We Are Feel Good Inc. in hand."

Thank you to Kirianna, Lachlan, Riley & Alba for sharing their beautiful travels & images with us!


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