Meet Ocean Aimee

Meet Ocean Aimee

Aimee resides in Exmouth, a small coastal town in the north of Western Australia. Aimee is an epic water-woman with some serious underwater photography skills. She’s also a We Are Feel Good Inc. ambassador and a big advocate for our recycling program.
How would describe yourself?

Um short and happy haha!

I am an ocean lover who is passionate about reef and marine mammal conservation.
What’s it like living in Exmouth?

I love living up here, the wildlife, the beaches and the climate make for the perfect lifestyle. The only issue with living in Exmouth is that there is no recycling, which is why I was so stoked to get involved with Feel Good’s bottle and lid recycling program.

It’s been great to work with Exmouth Surf Centre, they’re our local collection point.Taken at Exmouth Surf Centre

Tell us a bit about your underwater photography?

There’s something magic about being below the surface, it’s like another world. I hope that my photography showcases the beauty of the ocean and inspires people to want to do their bit to look after it.




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