Meet Lana Rogers

Meet Lana Rogers

We're excited to announce that We Are Feel Good Inc. will be the official sunscreen partner for the 2021-2022 Shaw and Partners Summer of Surf Series. It just so happens that many of the competing athletes are We Are Feel Good Inc. Team Ambassadors, one of whom is #teamfeelgood member Lana Rogers.

Lana is a 25 year old Professional Surf Iron Woman from Noosa on the Sunshine Coast and We Are Feel Good Inc. Team Ambassador. She's recently become the back-to-back, 2020 & 2021 Kellogg’s Nutri Grain Series Champion,  the 2020 Coolangatta Gold Champion and the 2018 Australian Iron Women Champion. Go Lana!

“I know my face and skin is looked after when using We Are Feel Good Inc. It feels light and soft like butter just like it says on the bottle. And being broad spectrum SPF 50+ and 4 hours water resistant, I know I’m safe in and out of the water when at the beach, racing and training”. 


So, Lana...

1. Describe yourself in three words.

Authentic, outgoing and enthusiastic.

2. So, tell us a little bit about what’s been going on – the series will be starting soon for 2021/2022, what does that mean for you?

The first thing is remembering why I have to keep on top of things with my training due to the recent COVID outbreaks within Australia right now. Events have started to be postponed which can take a toll on us athletes mentally. I know I need to stay positive, keep training and make sure I am ready to go when the Series kicks off in early January.

This year’s pre-season training, I wanted to have a goal of trying different ways to train and to challenge myself a little bit more. Hopefully this will help me get a little closer to help with those 1 percenters when race day comes along.

3. What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not training?

Hanging out with my boyfriend or family with a good movie is usually where you will find me!

4. Where did you grow up/where are you living now?

I grew up in Cronulla, NSW and moved to Queensland when I was 15. After school had finished, I moved to Noosa, QLD and still live there now.

5. Who’s your favourite sporting hero?

Between Ash Barty and Simone Biles. They both keep it real and speak the truth.


6. What’s your favourite We Are Feel Good Inc. product & why?

100% the Sticky Zinc in Medium Tint!!! I end up using this product about 2 -3 times a day. It’s not too thick, it’s not too light, goes on like butter. I know there aren't harsh chemicals in this product and always leaves my skin feeling good even after I've taken it off for the day.

7. It’s been a tough year for many. What’s helped you stay positive and active?

My coaches have been there a lot for me this past year. They helped me get through some hurdles and helped me keep going. I have also found that keeping a journal really helped me process things that were always on my mind.

Good luck this season! - the team @ We Are Feel Good Inc. 

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