Q&A w/ Imogen Caldwell

Q&A w/ Imogen Caldwell

Describe yourself in three words.

"Cort says I’m this energetic, kind and scary. I think I’m super determined, confident and probably overly ambitious."

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where did you grow up? What was it like growing up in such a remote part of Australia? What was so special about it?

"I grew up alongside my 3 brothers and sister on the coast of Quobba Station. My parents manage Red Bluff. It was everything a child could want - freedom to explore, mother nature at your fingertips and an extremely flexible home school schedule."

Who influenced you in your childhood and now?

"My family influence me, each for a number of different reasons... they were my best friends and still are"

You and your family are big lovers of the outdoors. Describe your perfect day.

"We love an early wake up, many chinos go down, our day revolves around the weather and how many activities we can pack in before the onshore hits. We are rarely far from the ocean and spend most days in the sunshine."

Since having kids, how do you continue to find time for adventure?

"Kids are the adventure, watching them experience everything for the first time is such a joy to watch. Their first time in the saltwater, first wave - the adventure has only just started!"

What is your favourite We Are Feel Good Inc. product and why?

"Gosh, I couldn’t choose! I use the sticky zinc daily as a little foundation and lather the kids in the sensitive spf, the lip balm also hasn’t left my pocket for a few months.."

Are you a bathroom singer? Ha

"Rambo and I have bathroom singing/ dance parties, these also carry on in the kitchen, on the dining table 😅 I love to watch him grow his confidence and express himself!"

Do you have any advice for our readers? Any mum tips?

"Don’t overthink it! Kids are resilient and will love any adventure you throw at them."

Any goals for the future?

"I have many goals, but most importantly I just want to enjoy life with my babies and slow down. It goes too fast."

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