How to be the best daughter, son or husband this Mother's Day.

How to be the best daughter, son or husband this Mother's Day.

We sat down with four magnificent mums from our We Are Feel Good Inc. team to get some inside information into what you can do to be your mum's favourite child (or partner if your child is too young to participate) this Sunday for Mothers’ Day (yes, it is THIS Sunday, May 10th).

So gifts aside and without further ado here is our list of things you can do to make YOUR mum's day great (every day, not just this Sunday) …

The ‘How To Be The Favourite Child’ List:

1. Spend time with mum doing something she likes doing and make sure you look like you're enjoying it, even if you’re not (trust us, she does this for you a lot).

2. The classic ‘breakfast/coffee in bed” complete with ornate flowers from the garden will forever be appreciated (as will an afternoon wine, cheese and dip platter).Image by Maddi Bazzocco 

3. Don't utter the following terms on this special day:

  • "I'm bored"
  • "I'm hungry, there's nothing to eat"
  • “But, why?"
  • "What's for dinner?"

4. Hug & kiss your mum, on the hour, every hour… Especially if you’re a teenager. 5. Empty & stack the dishwasher, like PROPERLY (and don’t wait to be asked).

6. If you’re not living at home with your mum, FaceTime her.

7. Take the baby, or your siblings for a walk and let mum have some downtime.

8. Even better, take the baby, or your siblings for another walk and let mum have a wine or two with her friends.

9. Cook dinner for mum and by that, we mean order her favourite takeaway so there’s no cleaning up!

 10. Let Mum pick whatever she wants to watch on Netflix and then watch it with her.

 11. Say THANK-YOU! We all know mums make the world go around, but how often do we actually thank them for it?

So there you have it, go and be the best son, daughter or husband and make sure your mum knows how wonderful she is.




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