Facing the Day Together with Sanida Dart-Kelly

Facing the Day Together with Sanida Dart-Kelly

We first spoke with Sanida Dart-Kelly when she approached us about the ethical usage of Kakadu Plum extract in beauty a few years ago. Of course, sustainability and ethical harvesting were a big one for us to get right, and it was great to see others from the community generating concern around the matter. From there, we've been following her blogging journey and have developed a strong appreciation for her honest and genuine approach to reviewing products. It was no surprise that when we launched our new skincare duo, we'd ask Sanida her thoughts. Let's see what she had to say... 

Facing the Day Together with We Are Feel Good Inc.

We Are Feel Good Inc. products have been a staple in my house for a good 4 or 5 years now and their sunscreen formulas are some of the most comfortable and fuss free out there, in my opinion. They’re also a firm family favourite. I’ve tried everything from the range – all the sunscreens, body milks, after sun care, the paw paw nectar, lip balm and I can safely say that they’re all great in their own way. You can only imagine my excitement when We Are Feel Good Inc. announced that they were launching facial products.

The Face The Day Bundle includes the Good Morning SPF 50 daily face sunscreen lotion and the Good Night Skin Restoring Cream. I absolutely love that the brand has branched out and are thinking about after sun care as well. As much as I stay out of the sun, sometimes it isn’t possible to escape it all the time, especially in Perth. We Are Feel Good Inc. are from Western Australia too (Dunsborough to be precise) so they know and understand the harsh conditions we live in. Co-founder Dr Scott McGregor is a practicing Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Physician so his professional experience and feedback from patients goes back into the development of each product.

Let’s get into the products. Good Morning SPF 50 is a light lotion facial sunscreen with a satin to matte finish which feels really comfortable, much like their body sunscreens. Aside from its broad spectrum protection it has some additional ingredients such as tomato extract and carnosine which help support skin health and address oxidation. Hyaluronic acid, squalane and jojoba oil are absolute staples and beneficial for all skin types so it’s great to see them included in this formulation too.

Good Night Skin Restoring Cream is designed to be used in the evening and has been specifically formulated to deal with issues arising from sun exposure. But to be honest, the ingredients are so lovely that I have been using it every night, regardless of whether I’ve been in the sun. With a luxurious light, whipped texture it instantly quenches my skin without the heaviness of a traditional night cream. Good Night Skincare Restoring Cream contains some serious skincare heavy hitters such as niacinamide, glycerin, panthenol and shea butter. I also love the addition of Kakadu Plum extract, Macadamia seed oil and Carnosine. It’s a lovely balance of nourishment and active care.

Overall I’m really impressed with We Are Feel Good Inc.‘s first foray into facial skincare and I’m honestly very excited to see how this opens up other categories for the brand. I also wanted to mention that both formulas contain fragrance, but neither have caused eye sting or sensitivity to me personally. Always make sure to patch test if you have very sensitive skin.

These products were gifted to me without any obligation to post. I just love the brand and the quality sunscreens and products they create. Remember to always Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, Slide if you’re outside. Avoid prolonged sun exposure, re-apply sunscreen frequently, use as directed, wear protective clothing, hat & sunglasses when outside.​​​​​​

– Sanida (@iam.sanida)

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