What's your breakfast benefits?  Guest Blog by Brooke Turner

What's your breakfast benefits? Guest Blog by Brooke Turner

Are you a breakfast lover or breakfast skipper?

You’re either one of the two, or at least more often one than the other. Eating breakfast daily doesn’t mean you have to have the traditional big breakfast. There are so many great ideas to get a nutritious hit, break the ‘fast’ and get stuck into your day. This blog will (hopefully) help to become a freshly converted breakfast lover, or reinforce why this first meal is your fave of the day.

The benefits!

Eating breakfast (and regularly throughout the day) can help to keep you blood sugar levels stable and avoid the dips in both blood sugar and energy. The lower your blood sugars the hungrier you will be, and more likely to be you reaching for everything in sight later in the day, therefore particularly useful if you have the goals of weight loss or weight maintenance.

When skipping is bad for you.

If you regularly skip breakfast you could also be skipping on your daily energy requirements which can leave you feeling lethargic and be more susceptible to illness (which is especially important coming into winter). Not breaking that fast in the morning can also lead to a decreased metabolism as your body can stay in starvation mode and not release the enzymes required to metabolise fat. Fasting is very popular at the moment with some people fasting 8-16 hours. My thoughts? Fast if you wish, but do so by having your last meal the by 7.00pm then have your breakfast by 8am the next day and you are still achieving a 12+ hour fast.

How smart are you?

Breakfast provides your brain and body with the fuel it requires for effective cognitive function, energy needs and long term health, all of which we want an abundance of. Studies have also shown that eating a nutritious breakfast can assist in weight loss and provide more energy to perform your daily tasks and physical needs, particularly important for those with active jobs, that love a gym sesh, hitting the pavement, catching all the waves or just training hard with a maintained focus.

No excuse breakfast ideas.

The following breakfast ideas will meet all of the breakfast-skipping excuses from ‘I don’t have time’, to ‘I don’t feel like it’. So whether you’re a regular breakfast skipper, not hungry in the mornings, an early starter, have a big commute to work, busy mum or need to eat something on the run, these are for you!



  • 50g rolled oats
  • 20g Chia seeds
  • 250ml coconut milk or liquid of your choice
  • 1 scoop vegan protein powder (optional)
  • 100g fresh or frozen blueberries (add just before serving)


  • Add all ingredients except the blueberries to a bowl/container and stir well
  • Soak overnight and leave in the fridge to enjoy the next morning.
  • Alternately mix in the morning and cook in the microwave for a warm winter breaky.
  • In the morning top with a sprinkle of cinnamon and berries.


If you get sick of smoothies or would you prefer to ‘eat’ something rather than ‘drink’ a meal then this breakfast bowl will be a winner for you. It contains satiating protein from the vegan protein powder, heart healthy fats (avo, coconut yoghurt & nut butter), fibre, vitamins A, B and D, potassium and two serves of veg for the day before you’ve even left the house! 

INGREDIENTS (Smoothie Bowl)

  • 1/4-1/2 avocado
  • 2 tbsp coconut yoghurt (or greek)
  • 100g blueberries or scoop of acai powder
  • 1 banana (place 1/2 in the smoothie mix, the remainder is to top the smoothie bowl)
  • 100ml coconut milk (or liquid of your choice)
  • 1 scoop vanilla plant based protein powder
  • Crushed Ice
  • Large handful of spinach (optional)


  • Place all ingredients in a high-speed mixer, adding the protein powder last.
  • Blend until well combined, texture should be thicker than your average smoothie.
  • Top with the below toppings and enjoy!


  • Remainder of your banana
  • Some berries
  • 2 tbsp healthy granola
  • 1 tbsp nut butter


If you have a little more time in the morning, craving a cooked breakfast or want to spice up your weekend try any of the following variations:


  • 1/4 – 1/2 avocado
  • 1-2 slices wholemeal or gluten free toast
  • 2 eggs – scrambled, poached or boiled
  • Generous handful of spinach
  • 60g Smoked salmon (optional) – cook in fry pan prior to serving.


  • Prepare your eggs in the desired way above – boiled can be prepared in advance so are handy for mid-week also.
  • Toast your bread, spread your avocado and top with the eggs
  • For some extra flavour and fats add some heated smoked salmon or a sprinkle of goats cheese


These breakfast ideas will provide your body with essential macro and micronutrients to power through your day and get you on your way to your health goals. All can be prepped in advance overnight or will take minimal time to create each morning at home or at work. Now there’s will be no excuse to skip the most important meal of the day!

Brooke Turner – Balance Fitness & Nutrition




* Brooke is one of our Feel Good Ambassadors and we love her approach to life and living well!

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