What is Wild Rosella and Why is it So Good?

What is Wild Rosella and Why is it So Good?

What is Wild Rosella and Why is it so Good?

Australia's own wild rosella (Hibiscus sabdariffa), also known as rosella hibiscus, is a hardy plant that is native to tropical areas, including sand dune regions.

Historically, it is believed to have been introduced to Australia by Indonesian fishermen thousands of years ago, originating from West Africa. 

The wild rosella is known for its unique tart flavour, which ranges from tartness to a raspberry rhubarb plum quality, making it a fabulous accompaniment in both sweet and savoury dishes. 

Whether it’s peaches or pears, the wild rosella is a perfect match to add flavour to your life and is the complete recipe to skin-loving hydration.

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The rosella plant produces striking flowers with vibrant red calyx, which encloses the seed pods. The flower petals are used in various culinary applications, such as making jellies, desserts garnishes, and as a flavourful addition to dishes. 

The seed pod of the wild rosella hibiscus sabdariffa is also prized for their tart flavour, which adds a tangy twist to recipes. 

But food aside, this somewhat “native” flower has recently been growing in popularity for its skin-loving benefits.

As an introduced species, the wild rosella flowers have adapted well to the Australian environment, particularly in tropical Queensland and northern Australia, where it thrives in the challenging conditions of rainforests and sandy soiled regions. 

Its hardiness and ability to tolerate extreme environments reflect on how it interacts with our skin, providing protection and hydration, much like the calyx protects the flower. Wild rosella skin care provides moisture restorative and protective properties, leaving your skin feeling hydrated for longer. 

Bush Tucker & Biodiversity
In addition to its culinary and skincare uses, the wild hibiscus is also known as a "bush tucker" plant among Indigenous Australians for its medicinal properties and high antioxidant content. 

Its versatility in various applications, unique tart flavour, and striking red flower make the wild rosella a cherished plant that adds a touch of Australian flair to a wide range of creations. 

Whether it's in making jams, teas, dessert garnishes, or as a flavourful addition to both sweet and savoury dishes, the wild rosella is a cherished and celebrated botanical gem of Australia's rich biodiversity.

…So, what are the benefits of using wild rosella in skincare?

Its properties provide intense hydration for dry and dehydrated skin. Relatively new in the industry, it has been known to provide fervent anti-aging skin care benefits.

For instance, our Wild Rosella Sunscreen SPF 50+ and Wild Rosella Body Milk work in the same way as the calyx, providing protection and hydration to your skin while you seek your adventures. 

So go on, take it along for the ride!

Wild Rosella Sunscreen SPF 50+

Our Wild Rosella Sunscreen SPF 50+
is designed for both performance and comfort in mind. Water resistant, non-greasy and lightweight, this sunscreen is infused with wild rosella extract to keep your skin protected, while restoring your skin hydration. 

rosella skin carewe are feel good inc sunscreen

Wild Rosella Body Milk

The Wild Rosella Body Milk is bursting with intense hydration from the wild hibiscus flower extract keeping even the wildest skin tamed.

Enriched with heaps of antioxidants from added skin loving ingredients like Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, it will leave your skin feeling hydrated for longer. Perfect for every day, all over body use. 

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