What is Micronized Zinc?

What is Micronized Zinc?

As you may know, we have re-branded our Baby Mineral SPF50+ under the name Mineral Sunscreen SPF50+ (same formula, new packaging!). This formulation is a breakthrough mineral/zinc only sunscreen, able to achieve its broad spectrum SPF 50+ rating due to new, micronized zinc technology.

So, what is micronized zinc? 

Zinc Oxide has been used in sunscreens for many years. In the past, Zinc Oxide based sunscreens have been known to be heavy or sticky and leave a white cast on your skin. Thanks to modern improvements in formulating mineral sunscreens, Zinc Oxide has become available in a ‘micronized’ form, meaning it is clear on application, lightweight and non-greasy. 

You may have heard the term ‘nano’ when referring to Zinc Oxide. "Nano" and "micronized" both refer to the size of the Zinc Oxide particles used in your sunscreen. Nanoparticles are clusters of Zinc Oxide where the total size is about 100 nanometres across. Micronized particles are 10 times this size, and are made by mechanically pulling apart big clumps of zinc oxide, otherwise known as 'aggregates' and using filters to get the size required. That is, so particles too small (nano) or too big (aggregates) can be removed. 

Why is this important?

Firstly, there is some scepticism around the possible absorption of "nano" zinc particles through the skin and into the bloodstream, essentially because they are so small. The TGA has not found any scientific evidence associating these particles to cause harm when used as ingredients in sunscreen. Even nanoparticles are either found to not penetrate the skin at all or minimally penetrate, making toxicity highly unlikely(1)Micronized zinc particles, which are much larger, will not penetrate human skin. Please note, We Are Feel Good Inc. continuously monitors scientific research into the study of Zinc Oxide used in sunscreen.

Secondly, traditional zinc sunscreens use large clumps of zinc called ‘aggregates’. These big clumps are very good at absorbing UVA and UVB rays and preventing damage, however due to their size, they reflect a lot of visible light and give your skin a white cast appearance. Smaller, nano-sized particles appear clear on the skin, but are less effective at absorbing UVA light, thus causing skin aging and skin cancers.

Micronized zinc particles are somewhere in between. They are excellent UVA absorbers (meaning high protection) AND still appear clear on the skin. 

Our all new Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50+ has been made using micronized zinc technology, formulated for the whole family. This lightweight sunscreen provides  UVA & UVB protection and is suitable for all skin types. It's enriched with natural emollients for extra hydration and nourishment and is fragrance free and dermatologically tested. Shop now!

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