Anti-Aging Skin Care: Are You Skin Fit? Pro Tips with our Doctor and Co-Founder

Anti-Aging Skin Care: Are You Skin Fit? Pro Tips with our Doctor and Co-Founder

Are you skin fit?  We focus so much on our physical health and fitness but are we doing the right things to keep our skin in tip top condition?  Our skin is the body's largest organ.  We asked our co-founder, Dr Scott McGregor, his top 4 tips to keep our skin youthful and combat the signs of ageing.

1. Sunscreen , sunscreen, sunscreen...

Sun exposure is the NUMBER ONE contributing factor to skin damage and up to a massive 80% of skin ageing is due to sun exposure, otherwise known as photoageing.  This occurs more prominently in areas such as the face and chest (décolletage).

"If you don't do anything else with your skin regime, you absolutely can not afford to miss a daily sunscreen regime," emphasises Dr Scott McGregor.

"It is critical to find yourself the best quality sunscreen you can afford and apply it every day."

Photoageing signs include freckles, skin discolouration, loss of elasticity and wrinkles.

2. Topical Vitamin A (Retinol)

Vitamin A is proving a powerhouse in fighting the visible signs of photoageing.  This powerful nutrient acts on a cellular DNA level to communicate and stimulate collagen production.

"There are an array of Vitamin A choices with varying potency, so be sure to check with a trusted skin care professional or dermal therapist to find the right one for your skin."

3. Topical Vitamin C

Sorry guys, drinking heaps of OJ isn't your answer.  Very little Vitamin C makes it to the skin when we consume it, so it needs to be applied topically.

This potent little number, when applied topically, is an antioxidant hard hitter and helps protect your skin from harmful environmental factors that stress our skin, like pollution.  It does this by neutralising free radicals before they can cause damage to the skin and studies have shown this may even even help protect the skin from pre cancerous changes from UV light.

Vitamin C also helps brighten the skin by fighting pigmentation production and it keeps inflammation at bay.

"The range of benefits of using vitamin C are many, including protecting skin from the visible signs of pollution, evening skin tone, improving skin hydration and keeping your skin looking younger."

4. Patience & Routine

What the?  How can this help my skin?  It's really important to create a skin care regime and give it time to work.  Don't expect miracles overnight, but do expect long term skin improvements and better skin health if you adapt a regular routine.  Start now. Oh, and sunscreen is non-negotiable.  Whatever brands you use, make sure you are using an SPF! 


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