We Are Feel Good Inc. x Coconut Bowls™

We Are Feel Good Inc. x Coconut Bowls™

We've partnered with our mates at Coconut Bowls™ to highlight our shared values of sustainability and nourishing our bodies through the use of our coconut-based products.

For the month of April, you'll receive a FREE coconut bowl with your purchase of our 'Coco Pack''.

Our 'Coco Pack' includes:
1 x Coconut Sunscreen SPF 50+ (200ml)
1 x Coconut Sunscreen SPF 50+ (75ml)
1 x Coco Milk (200ml)
1 x Cocoa Lip Balm
1 x Coconut Bowl™


Coconut Bowls™ are the most sustainable bowls in the world! Made from reclaimed waste coconut shells that would otherwise be burned, and turned into natural, beautiful products. They're are creating positive changes to the way we consume food and drinks by replacing single use plastics with all natural, sustainably sourced, eco friendly products that can be returned to the earth through home composting once they've lived out their usefulness. Coconut Bowls™ make living a sustainable lifestyle, fun, easy and accessible for everyone. Their values of health, sustainability and community are an important part of everything they do, and that's exactly why we've come together!

Since our inception in 2016, it has been our goal to not only reduce our plastic footprint, but to help people understand proper recycling practices. In Australia, sunscreen is classified as a therapeutic good, meaning all of our packaging must be in either glass, aluminium or 'food-grade' virgin plastic. To date, we haven't found a suitable alternative to our food-grade plastic packaging, however our bottles are 100% recyclable once used. So we've joined forces with Precious Plastic Margaret River, Precious Plastic Victoria and Precious Plastic Melbourne to recycle our We Are Feel Good Inc. bottles and lids and turn them into new reusable plastic items.

But we're not stopping there! 

We are working with community leaders to educate consumers on proper recycling practices and work towards finding a way to integrate 'food grade' manufacturing from recycled plastic into our production.

Enter for a chance to win epic prizes!

Take a photo using your Coconut Bowl and tag #spreadthefeelgood and #coconutbowls for your chance to win the ULTIMATE BUNDLE!

The Ultimate Bundle features:
2 x Original Coconut Bowls
2 x Jumbo Coconut Bowls
2 x Coconut Cups
2 x Wooden Spoons
2 x Wooden Forks
2 x Bamboo Straws
1 x Coconut Candle
1 x Taste Without Waste Market Bag
1 x Vegan Bowls Cookbook or eBook
$150 We Are Feel Good Inc. Voucher
1 x We Are Feel Good Inc. 'Sandless' Towel


Winner announced on the 3rd of May 2021 at 10am AWST.

*Competition has closed. Last updated 01/11/22.

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