Recycle To Be A Part Of The Change And Help #SPREADTHEFEELGOOD

Recycle To Be A Part Of The Change And Help #SPREADTHEFEELGOOD

Here at We Are Feel Good Inc., we understand that changing our habits can be difficult. We hope to encourage recycling by suggesting small changes you can make in your homes and daily routines. If we can all encourage just one other person to pick up new recycling habits, we can hopefully instil better habits in the next generation. 


Creating small positive habits in your children's daily lives when it comes to caring for the planet may help them feel less anxious about the bigger issue. Here’s some tips to get started:


Create a household recycling program for the family and get your kids to sort through the recycling.

Use colourful bins *TIP: Ikea has some awesome toy storage boxes which are perfect for collecting recyclables!

Use recycled materials during arts & crafts time.

Pack school lunches in a bento box (plastic free) & refill your drink bottles every morning before you leave the house.

Sing & dance to Jack Johnson's song 'The 3 R's'.

‘Take x3 For the Sea’: encourage your kids to pick up x3 pieces of rubbish/plastic every time you leave the beach, park, or... anywhere! *TIP: keep a pair of gardening gloves in your beach bag!

Remember, kids learn by example, so it’s important that we (parents, teachers and leaders) practice good habits in front of our kids to instil the importance of looking after our environment. 


For many of us, a majority of our time each week is spent at work. Which also means, so is much of our rubbish. It only takes the effort of one person to encourage the rest of the office to participate in proper recycling practices. Why not make that person you?

In addition to recycling paper, there are many other waste items in your workplace that can be diverted from landfill. It goes beyond paper, cans, and bottles these days. Computers, mobile phones, printers and other e-waste items should be collected and returned to your nearest e-waste drop off. Here are a few tips to get the ball rolling in your office:


Go paperless!

If you can’t do that, purchase recycled paper.

Set your printer to double-sided print.

Collect scrap paper to reuse internally.

Ensure there are plenty of recycling bins placed around the office.

Source a reliable company to collect your e-waste. 

Provide reusable kitchenware, coffee mugs and utensils for staff to use.

Set up an ‘reuse station’ for old office supplies instead of always purchasing new.

How can we impact others?

While initiating change can be hard, once it becomes a part of your day life it's easy. You may even start thinking of better ways to recycle. By encouraging good recycling habits at home, you’ll take these habits to the office and inspire change amongst others. 

It’s a change that won’t happen overnight, but if you can make the promise to influence just one person’s habits and that person promises to change another, think about how many people will follow your tracks to a greener future.

Remember, it’s never too late to start recycling!

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