Behind the Lens w/ Paula Ortega

Behind the Lens w/ Paula Ortega

What inspired the trip?

Andy has been organising these trips for years and when she asked me to join one of them, I didn't doubt it for a second. 12 girls on a boat trip, surfing, shooting, and learning so much from each other... So, after doing the first trip, I hopped onto another two as every trip inspires me to go to the next one. Best way to connect, learn, have fun and grow!


What's my favourite surf break?

On our first boat trip we went to Machines, a really fun wave that was barrelling at the beginning but then turning mellower. We surfed there for hours on end, making the best memories! It was only us in the water and we were literally catching one wave after another one. 

What was the most unforgettable moment of the trip?

We had so many funny and unforgettable moments along the trip! From jumping in the water half naked after every shoot because it was SO HOT that our brains were melting, to having a party in the back of the boat with some of the local crew (with only Christmas lights on as that’s all we had!) and night swimming with manta rays.

Oh and to multiple movie nights watching 'Blue Crush' on repeat! 


My favourite We Are Feel Good Inc. product?

During the trip I used the Sensitive Sunscreen SPF 50 and it became a must, felt really light even though you feel completely protected. I am also a person who tends to break out with sunscreen if I put it on and I am in a really humid environment like these trips can be, but this cream was literally perfect.

I also used the Sticky Zinc while surfing and I was really glad to see that after hours in the water it was still on and protecting my skin! 


Recommendations for readers:

My only recommendation would be that if you have the chance to join a boat trip, do it. You will come back like a new person; inspired, full of memories, and also a great tan and with many many great surfing sessions. 






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