Vans US Open of Surfing 2017 by Jake Paterson

Vans US Open of Surfing 2017 by Jake Paterson


California is a crazy place at the best of times but when you have a huge surf / skate event at the famous Huntington Beach things get even crazier.

The Vans US Open of Surfing is a prime rated event with big points and prize money up for grabs. I coached 7 athletes in the event and for the first time in a long time I had one of my team come out on top!
* Photo credit WSL / MORRIS
It's really hard to describe the feeling when one of your athletes win but it feels really satisfying to know I had a hand in him winning the event. Kanoa is a local from Huntington Beach and I have been working with him for about 4 years now. Its really cool to see all the hard work and training we do pay off. Kanoa pocketed 100k USD for his efforts and 10,000 point of the Qualifying World Surf League tour and move into 3rd place on the rating. It was a great week to say the least.
We are off to Tahiti in a couple of days for the next stop on tour. Hoping for another win!

“This is crazy, just getting two Semifinal results here hurt so much, but it finally came,” Igarashi said. “I felt like this was going to be my year. A lot of people kept telling me it was and I just believed in it and it came true. This place means the world to me. I learned how to surf here. It’s just so special to be here with my friends and family. This contest means so much to me, it was the first place I ever watched pro surfing. Just sitting on the beach watching guys like Kalani Robb battle it out was incredible. I’ve just wanted to be around these guys and to win the US Open with this crowd here -- it’s a day I’ll never forget.” - Kanoa Igarashi

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