Surfing Down South

Surfing Down South

The Australian Southwest grants world-class surfing breaks all along a rugged Indian Ocean coastline. Here at We Are Feel Good Inc. we are lucky enough to call this beautiful stretch of land and coast our very own backyard. Since the 1950s the Margaret River region has been showcased as a surf paradise.  

Home to over 100 surf breaks ranging from vigorous reef breaks, slabby beachys and perfect points, most of the year down here, surfers scour the coastline in search for powerful groundswells that produce some of the most consistent surfing in the world. Having built our brand from the love of surfing and being outdoors, this place is pretty special to us! We always have a close eye on the swell forecast. Going from North to South here are some of our favourite spots to surf all year round.

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Image: Tom Iffla @tommyiff

Bunker Bay

When the swell is on the larger side and the winds are onshore, Bunker Bay is the perfect spot to score yourself a glassy afternoon session. Situated on the eastern side of the cape, you will find a reef break and a beach break that are protected from the wind when it’s in a westerly direction. These waves can be perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers looking for a fun paddle where the waves aren’t as powerful.

Three Bears

Located on the western side of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park is Three Bears. A beautiful, isolated stretch of beach that showcases three different exposed reef breaks. This spot is consistent and works all year round and is best suited when the winds are blowing from the south-east. Accessed via a rocky 4WD track, Three Bears is suited to the more confident surfer and can become solid on the days with heavier swell.


This place is really close to our roots, and our office! Yallingup offers up a large bay where surf is consistent most of the year with swell getting big during the winter months. Waves here work nicely with a wind from the south-east. You will find both beach and reef breaks here accommodating to longboards and mid-lengths. But don’t be fooled, this spot can be intimidating for some when the swell is six foot plus. Don’t catch yourself on the inside, at that size you will find it hard to hide from swell charging into the bay.


A windy thirty-minute drive south down Caves Road and you will find yourself in Gracetown. A once small fishing town turned popular holiday destination, the bay tenders three high quality reef breaks. Fairly consistent for most of the year, these breaks work best with a wind direction from the east to south-east. Gracetown showcases waves for every ability ranging from fun longboarding waves to heavy left and right-handed barrelling point breaks.

Margaret River

Famous by name and by stature, Margaret River Main Break is a wave of world class. Featured as one of the stops on the World Surf League, this is a high performance left and right hander that can hold its worth in five-to-twenty-foot swell. The conditions are best in winter but fairly consistent year-round. It is best surfed with a calm easterly wind direction and mostly suited for intermediate to advanced surfing.


Next time you are in WA’s south west region be sure to check out some of these spots for a guaranteed good time. Our favourite surfing companion is our Sticky Zinc face sunscreen.  Be sure to stock up on some before jumping in the water, and if you are the type less inclined to wear a wetsuit, try out our range of Australian made SPF 50+ Sunscreens. Find your flavour with our OG Sampler.

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