Rainbow Coast Getaway

Rainbow Coast Getaway

There’s nothing better than packing up the car and heading out on an outdoor adventure with our best mates. In winter sunshine isn't always guaranteed, but we don't let that affect morale. So when our mates mentioned they were heading down the Rainbow Coast to Denmark, WA, we thought we’d tag along for the ride.

"When I finally get myself together, I'm gonna get down in that sunny southern weather."

Hot pies
Hot coffee
Ugg boots
The ‘quiver’
Our favourite sun care

We arrived late Friday night, set up camp and hit the hay pretty early for a good nights rest. Similar to our home ritual, first thing we did when we woke up was get the camper cooker out and start up a brew. We loaded up the cars again, boards stacked on the roof, and all the other essentials thrown into the back.

There’s something exhilarating about letting your tyres down, putting the trusty 4WD into low range and driving along the beach, eyes gazing to any potential peaks. Pull up, tunes blaring, slip into your wetsuit and wax up for fun times with the crew... you can’t help but feel good. 

Sticky Zinc SPF 50+ on our faces and Coconut Sunscreen SPF 50+ for our hands and feet - because even in the gloomy winter weather, you should still wear SPF on all exposed skin.

After spending the whole morning out in the surf, we came in ravenous. It was straight to the Denmark bakery for a pie (and another coffee). We had a quick feed and got straight back in the car to look for the next adventure.

So what really makes us feel good? The pursuit of endless waves, belly curdling laughs with your best mates and a well-deserved, restful sleep under the stars.

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