How to Enjoy Winter When You Can’t Travel

How to Enjoy Winter When You Can’t Travel

We’re all adventurers at heart! We love planning our next holiday or prepping for a new adventure, but as we all know last year threw a bit of a curveball at us and planning overseas trips and journeys has currently been put on hold. Adventure doesn’t mean having to jump on a plane and head overseas, nor does it mean loading up the car and heading north to warmer conditions like migrating whales.

As Australians, we’re big fans of skipping winter. As soon as the summer sun loses its bite, we pack our bags and head for warmer locations (unless of course hitting the slopes is your jam). So maybe this year, why not embrace winter and all the wonder it brings!

Here are some reasons why we think you should LOVE winter as much as we do:

  1. Sitting around a fire with a glass of red, some marshmallows, and a group of friends can be a darn good time.
  2. Hearty winter meals are delicious and soul-warming.
  3. Cooler temperatures and fewer flies makes bushwalking or hiking a lot more enjoyable.
  4. It’s a time to relish some downtime and give yourself some much needed R&R.
  5. Winter brings big swells, which is great news for the watermen/women amongst us.
  6. If you’re lucky enough to live near a mountain, a big winter plus for you is the SNOW!
  7. With sunrise breaking later in the morning, you don’t need to get up super early to catch the golden light of a winter sunrise, peppered with pink clouds and pastel skies.
  8. Or, you don’t have to get up at all, because let’s face it, laying in your warm, snuggly bed while it’s raining outside is just delightful.

And if you simply must escape the cold (we’re not judging you), then you’re lucky that winter doesn’t really exist in some parts of Australia.

Here are our Australian ‘Winter Road Trip Tips’ (a COVID-19 edition):

  1. Sort out your road trip playlist and download it onto your device before you go; there’s nothing worse than losing Spotify reception as well as your favourite driving beats with another 10 hours to go.
  2. Camping is always a good time’, so long as you’ve got the gear, and by that, we’re talking a waterproof tent, thermals for night time, a kitted out portable camp kitchen, and basically, waterproof everything!
  3. Going remote? Respect the environment you visit. Whether you’re venturing to the beach or to the bush, minimise the impact you have on the native flora and fauna and only leave your footprints behind.
  4. Take a break from technology, pack a book or some UNO cards.
  5. A first-aid kit is a must.
  6. And don’t forget your Australian owned & made We Are Feel Good Inc. sunscreen (perfect for the body and the face)! 
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