Brazil is a Wild Country

Brazil is a Wild Country

Brazil is a wild country, its runs at a super fast pace, they drive fast, love there sports and crazy passionate about everything they do.

I’m here for just over a week at beach called Jacquina on the Island of Florianopolis. Its a little more relaxed in Florianoplis as its where the wealthy Brazilians live or have a holiday house anyway.

Its a fun week with the guys I coach, we stay in a hotel that is right on the beach where the event is on so super easy to walk and surf and go for your heat. Pro surfing is an individual sport but we all stay together and work as a team so the boys feel more comfortable and can complete at the best level they can. 

My favourite food in Brazil is sushi and Acai. Brazil has amazing Fresh fish and Acai is a local berry that is served frozen with fruit and granola. Pretty much eat it every day!! Love it.

The surf event went  really well with two of the guys I coach, Kanoa Igarishi finishing 1st and Griffin Colapinto 3rd! Super rewarding watch this guys do so well and feel like I had a part in them winning. I make a fun little video clip of our trip. check it out.

Next stop on the pro surfing tour is in Hawaii where there are huge point for at stake for my team.

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