Cocoa Lip Balm SPF 50+

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Extreme protection so there's nothing between you and salty kisses by the sea. Enriched with Vitamin E, Cocoa Oil, Shea Butter and Omega 3, 6 & 9 for extra hydration and nourishment. Our Cocoa Lip Balm is broad spectrum SPF 50+ to give you maximum coverage and protect your lips form the harmful rays of the sun.

Free from PABAs, parabens, oxybenzone and octinoxate.

Australian owned and made.

Actives: Homosalate 100 mg/g, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane 40 mg/g, Octyl Salicylate 50 mg/g, Octocrylene 50 mg/g, 4-methylbenzylidene, Camphor 40 mg/g.

Other: Medium Chain triglycerides, White Beeswax, Candelilla Wax, Theobroma Oil, Castor Oil, d-alpha-tocopheryl Acetate, Shea Butter Oil Fixed, Parfum

Apply liberally to lips. Avoid prolonged exposure in the sun. Wear protective clothing, hats and eyewear, and apply sunscreen when exposed to the sun. Topical use. Store below 30˚C.


Our lips are often forgotten about when it comes to skincare. Unlike our skin, lips don't have any sebaceous glands to keep them moisturised or any melanin (what causes our skin to tan/burn). Melanin is our body's natural way of protecting our skin from UV rays and without it, they're at a higher risk of burning. So, it's important to use a moisturising lip balm with SPF, like our Cocoa Lip Balm SPF 50+, enriched with Vitamin E, Cocoa Oil, Shea Butter and Omega 3, 6 & 9 for extra hydration and nourishment, plus broad spectrum protection to give you maximum coverage.
Technically, yes but it is not recommended. The skin on our lips is much thinner than the rest of our skin so requires specially designed formulas with moisture-rich ingredients. Plus, you may not enjoy the taste, which is why we’ve added a vanilla-marshmallow flavouring to make it all the more enjoyable!
100% yes! Our lips are exposed to the elements no matter what the season. From the beach to the slopes, you should always wear a broad spectrum SPF 50+ lip balm.