Road Test: Good Night Skin Restoring Cream

Road Test: Good Night Skin Restoring Cream

The team here at We Are Feel Good Inc. have the fortunate job of trialling all new products before they hit the shelves. Some make the cut, others don’t. One product that we all couldn’t do without is a bit of an unsung hero within our product range, so we asked the team to tell us what they think.

Scott, Co-Founder and Product Developer (aka the brains behind the formula)

I use this every night! Designed to be user friendly for even the most sensitive skin, and for men who don't normally use a moisturiser.  Light and non-greasy, with highly active 7% Niacinamide for all sorts of skin woes and sun damage repair. I also use it after shaving as the Niacinamide is a great skin calmer. 

Caitri, Sales Manager

The Good Night Skin Restoring Cream is an absolute must in my skincare arsenal. Like others who may suffer from dry skin in winter, coming across a good moisturiser is like finding gold. I make sure I team this with the Good Morning SPF 50 and my skin is feeling and looking so much better!

Carly, Marketing Manager

I’ve been using Good Night Skin Restoring Cream now for about 10 months and I will never go back! Thanks to the 7% Niacinamide, my days of regular blemishes are gone. My skin is clearer than it’s ever been! The cream is super hydrating, which is perfect for the cooler days we’re experiencing, but it’s still lightweight enough that it doesn’t make my skin feel oily. I have combination skin so this is a real win!

Taylor, Marketing Coordinator

Perhaps I shouldn’t admit that my favourite product of ours is a non-SPF, but Good Night Skin Restoring Cream wins hands down. The texture is soft and velvety (almost whipped), which makes for a nice even application. Plus, the light tea rose scent is very calming at nighttime. This formula was a unanimous winner amongst the team!

Noelle, Accounts

I love the Good Night Skin Restoring Moisturiser and Good Morning SPF 50. The products themselves have been great for my skin and the routine is a breeze.  It’s a no fuss, no brainer duo.  The name of the product says it all, as it's the last thing I do every night before bed.

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