Mums of We Are Feel Good Inc.

Mums of We Are Feel Good Inc.

Have you ever asked your mum what her perfect Mother's Day would be? Well, we asked a few of the mums here in We Are Feel Good Inc. office about their ideal day to give you some ideas!

Caitri, Sales Manager

“My perfect Mother’s Day would have to be when my kids make me a cup of tea, and let me drink it without asking me to do anything for them! Then it would be hanging out with them or bike riding into town together on an adventure. Basically, anything that doesn't end in tears for them (or me)! The perfect ending would be to have a bath and pop on my Coco Milk moisturiser in peace.”

Noelle, Accounts Manager 

A warm cup of tea to start my day would be sensational! For me, breakfast in bed is long gone but a cup of tea is always a special time of the day. 

Of course a call or FaceTime from my darling grandchildren is the ultimate mother's day gift. Yeah also my children... but my grandchildren love me more, so they are way more special. 

I would then call my 90 year old Mum to hear her voice and see how she is fairing. Mum/Shirley is also a morning tea drinker, and Dad/Lewis, god rest his soul, was the household tea maker. I still have my grandmother's teapot, a pot only for two (very sweet!). It's slightly dented but as the years go by, the teapot is more special to me than the tea itself.”

Nicole, Sales Administrator

“For Mother's Day this year, I'd love for my children to make and serve me breakfast in bed, followed by at least one hour of uninterrupted time to read my book. I'd also love to be taken out for a late lunch with my family and finish the day with a relaxing bath while dinner is being prepared for me.”

So, remember to ask your mum what her perfect day is. Whether it’s a cup of tea in bed with a book, a day of activities in the glorious Autumn sun, or a relaxing bath to wind down, we’ve got you covered! Our Mother’s Day Pack includes our best selling Sensitive Sunscreen SPF 50+, Coco Milk, Cocoa Lip Balm and a calming herbal tea blend and tea strainer from our friends at Seven Seas Tea, located in Margaret River, WA.

And to all you mums out there, Happy Mother's Day!

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