Meet The Team | Dr. Scott McGregor

By Carly Simmonds

Meet Dr Scott McGregor - We Are Feel Good Inc. Co-Founder and 
Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Physician. 

Scott has been practicing in skin cancer and cosmetic medicine since 2003. He has been the owner and medical director of a leading group of cosmetic clinics in WA since 2003. With extensive training and teaching experience in skin cancer and cosmetic medicine, Scott's passion is for sun damage prevention, repair of sun damaged skin and prevention of premature skin aging. 

"As a Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Physician, I spend my days dealing with the damaging effects of the sun. For many years I have advocated for the daily use of SPF 50+ sunscreen as the best way to prevent premature aging of the skin and skin cancer. 

Regular feedback from my clients was that most affordable sunscreens were not nice to wear. They were either too thick, too greasy, stinging of the eyes, or made the skin look unhealthy. Consequently, a lot of my clients were not using sunscreen enough. This to me was a big problem that needed fixing. Everyone should be able to afford a good quality, luxury feeling sunscreen. 

So, the We Are Feel Good Inc. team, decided to find a solution... 

We started with an extremely good moisturiser and a list of ingredients that we would not use for safety reasons; PABA’s, parabens, oxybenzone, octinoxate and traditional preservatives. It had to feel and look like a high-end moisturiser and had to pass the strictest testing in the world (Australia). 

We tested it on world class athletes, in and out of competition, that is, it had to perform in the water or during exercise, as well as look and feel great in everyday life. Jake Paterson, We Are Feel Good Inc. Co-Founder and Professional Surfer, was able to recruit some of the best surfing athletes in the world to test our products. We also tested on our own families and friends. 

It also had to be affordable for my clients to use every day, for the office and for weekend activities. 

It turns out that most of the costly sunscreens from expensive brands are really no more expensive to make and have no added benefits. 

The feedback that we get on a daily basis is that our sunscreens feel great and people love to wear them every day. 

We will continue to increase our range of affordable, luxury products for everyday use."