Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

January has come to an end, and yep, that means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your lover, we’ve got you covered! 

The Skincare Lover

Our all new Face the Day Bundle is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to keep their skin in tip top shape (which is all of us, right?). It includes Good Morning SPF 50 and Good Night Skin Restoring Cream to restore and hydrate your skin while you focus on the fun stuff. It's the perfect addition to your daily skincare routine!

The Adventure Lover

Got yourself a ‘pack the backpack and head off on an outdoor adventure’ kind of person? Then our new Adventure Bundle is for you! Stay hydrated with our We Are Feel Good Inc. x Hydroflask Water Bottle. The Adventure Bundle also contains a 200ml and 75ml Signature Sunscreen SPF 50+, a Sticky Zinc SPF 50+ and Cocoa Lip Balm SPF 50+ to ensure your body, face and lips are protected while you chase your adventures!

The Summer Lover

Does your lover SO love the summer heat, long days at the beach accompanied by cool slices of watermelon and arvo BBQs? We've got the perfect bundle for you! The Summer Bundle is the perfect companion for your summer time activities. It includes; 200ml Kakadu Plum SPF 50+, 200ml Coconut Sunscreen SPF 50+, Cocoa Lip Balm SPF 50+ and After Sun Cooling Lotion. 

The Water Lover

Our Waterman Bundle is the perfect gift for the lover of all things water, whether it’s surfing, water skiing, fishing, diving or swimming! It contains everything you need to keep your skin protected while you spend a day out on the water, including; 400ml Signature Sunscreen SPF 50+, 75ml Signature Sunscreen SPF 50+ (the perfect grab-n-go size for your backpack), Sticky Zinc SPF 50+ and Cocoa Lip Balm SPF 50+.

Whoever your lover, we have the perfect bundle! Shop Best Value Bundles.

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