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Oxybenzone Harming Our Oceans

Oxybenzone Harming Our Oceans

Recent scientific research is showing that our oceans and precious marine life are being harmed and even destroyed by a common commercial sunscreen chemical, oxybenzone.

What the hell are oxybenzones anyway? 

Oxybenzone is a chemical filter commonly used in commercial sunscreens as a means to filter out UVA and UVB rays to provide broad spectrum UV coverage.

Why is oxybenzone harmful?

Oxybenzone is an organic compound that acts as a hormone disruptor.

How does it harm marine life?

In short, it effects coral reef systems in a number of ways.

- Coral bleaching occurs at lower temperatures than normal when exposed to oxybenzones which means that with global warming and the oceans temperatures an issue, this nasty chemical is speeding up the process of destroying coral reef systems.

- It damages the DNA of coral and affects their ability to reproduce.  If they manage to reproduce they are not vigorous or healthy and often mutated.

- It makes the juvenile coral produce too much calcium carbonate and they end up locked inside their own skeleton which means death!

- It deforms baby coral and they stop swimming.

How much is too much?

It only takes as little as one drop in the area of over 6 Olympic pools to have an affect!


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  • This is exactly why I use this gorgeous product. I am a scuba diver and passionate about our ocean. Love your products

    Natalie Mullen on

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